Take time at week 36 to explore your thoughts and feelings about just how you want your birth to go. Here are some questions to get you started, but of course you will have this conversation with your midwife and specialist.

There’s more to consider than this even – we just want to make you aware that you’ll be making some choices, and doing so ahead of time makes your special day much smoother.

Some things to consider

  • Who do you want to be with you during labour?
  • What drugs do you want, if any? Would you consider an epidural?
  • What position would you like to give birth in?
  • Would you want foetal monitoring to be part of the process?
  • If it was necessary, would you have a c-section?
  • What are your views on episiomity, which is when a cut is made to make it easier for the baby’s head to emerge?
  • Would you approve forceps or a suction cap in the event of a prolonged delivery?
  • Who will cut the cord?
  • Do you want to handle your baby immediately, or have the new arrival checked first?
  • What do you want done with the placenta?
  • How about an ecbolic to reduce bleeding following delivery?
  • Is there somewhere you’d particularly like to stay following birth?