Work with Beginnings

Beginnings is all about long-term partnerships. With mothers, with midwives, with anyone who is interested in happy healthy babies coming into the world untroubled. And it matters to us that we’re working with midwives who are equally concerned about their reputations.

• Appeal to mothers who are increasingly aware of obstetric options. Be the point of difference.

• Stay as the LMC and receive the same amount of funding, yet be able to offer more to your patients.

• Avoid having to work with an obstetrician you don’t know if problems arise during birth.

• Ensure continuity of care and personalisation.

• Beginnings works with both independent midwives and those who operate in a practice environment.

Shared Knowledge

It’s simply not the case to suggest that either midwives or obstetricians know more about supporting mothers through birth. There are different kinds of excellence, to do with empathy and awareness, knowledge and technique, and no practitioner has a monopoly on all of them. By harnessing these differences, Beginnings will improve every patient’s experience.

Getting to work with an obstetrician on a regular basis means a great new working relationship for you that will have solid appeal to pregnant women.

We also recognise the value of input from GPs and will check in with a patient’s GP informed throughout pregnancy and birth if desired.

By opening up lines of communication between GP, midwife and specialist, Beginnings patients will experience a more seamless approach to their care, and cooperation between groups will ensure best possible birth outcomes.

A Win/Win Scenario

As you know, most of the time pregnancies run smoothly, but that’s not always the case. We figure, why introduce an obstetrician into the situation only if the mother is not at her best, when getting to know one ahead of time allows for people to understand one another before it’s a necessity.

A midwife and obstetrician working together on a regular basis is win/win for everyone involved. Our approach is designed to promote all that midwifery has brought to women in the 21st century, together with the safety net of modern medicine.

With Beginnings, your independence is uncompromised, and you can be fearless in sticking up for what you believe in.

Our team approach ensures the primary caregiving remains with the midwife, and we do everything to safeguard this relationship.

Nurturing Partnership

Sometimes, when people talk about midwives and obstetricians, there’s an assumption that you have to be on one side or the other. At Beginnings, we don’t think like that. Our feeling is that baby comes first, and everything else is secondary.

Where others sometimes find conflict, we deal in partnership. We’re idealists about wanting the birth experience to be the best possible one for mother and baby. So however smooth a pregnancy is progressing, there is always input from midwives and obstetricians on our team.

You are the LMC

A unique feature of Beginnings is that the midwife remains the LMC, therefore LMC funding remains unchanged, as does the legal responsibility of the midwife. The patient is informed that her midwife will remain her lead maternity carer.