No two experiences of pregnancy are alike, and we do everything possible to respond to your individual wants and needs. If you have family history we need to know about, let’s talk. If there’s a chance of particular medical issues cropping up, that’s something we can deal with.

Whatever your situation, we’ll have encountered something very similar before, and we’re here to help.

Looking after your bump, 24/7

Continuity is the cornerstone of our way of thinking at Beginnings, and we want you to enjoy a close bond with our team, and to feel safe and comfortable at all times.

It’s typical to do a few blood screens, and we’ll do what we can to support you with dietary and other advice around this time, when morning sickness and tiredness are common. Odds are, you’ll start to feel just fine pretty soon.

We normally get to know mothers at around week 8 or 9. If you feel the need to contact us before then, please do. At that first meeting, we’ll get to know about your general medical history, and listen to what’s important to you.

It’s likely you’ll be aware of a bump from about 12-14 weeks in, though it tends to be noted by others a couple of weeks later.

There are more screening options at this stage of your pregnancy. Some of them are to check that the baby’s heart and other organs are developing as we expect, along with the spine. And at around 26 weeks we can check for diabetes and some other conditions too.

We tend to see a lot more of our mothers from week 36. It’s time to plan the birth, and we want to know just how we can do what you’d like during labour.

Babies are more mobile during this period as they prepare to meet the world. We’ll encourage you to rest when you can in the day, to conserve your energy. For some women, an induced birth or c-section can prove the best option, and that’s something we’ll discuss with you to ensure a solution that puts baby first.