Work with Beginnings

Your patients deserve first class care from the professionals you recommend, and we’re confident we’ll surpass their expectations, and yours.

Pregnancy is an exciting time for any woman, but the decision of which LMC to choose is always a difficult one. As a trusted GP, you may often be asked for your opinion. But who do you recommend? A trusted midwife? What if your patient presents a high risk pregnancy? Do you reach out to an obstetrician?

Why not offer your patients the best of both worlds with our TotalCare approach?

Beginnings has a commitment to the right of a woman to choose how her pregnancy and birth should progress. We are, at the same time, absolutely focused on the safety of mother and baby. These two central principles underpin everything we seek to achieve.

Continuity of Care

We strongly believe in the interface between traditional family practice and midwifery. The emergence of midwifery in the 1990s has seen a radical shift away from the traditional GP-based model of care, and links between the GP and the midwife/LMC have been thin or non-existent. We at Beginnings aim to re-establish those links.

Stay Informed

Beginnings will maintain contact with you and inform you of any important developments that may occur during pregnancy. A written summary of the patient’s care will be made available after birth, as well as 4 weeks post-natal, so you can safely transition mum and baby back to you practice’s care.

Complimentary Skill Sets

We understand that you have long-standing relationships with your patients. In keeping with this, we strongly promote the GP as the patient’s first point of contact for non-Obstetric care during pregnancy. We also actively encourage immunisation of babies delivered by the Beginnings team, and our goal is to retain, as well as increase patient numbers in your practice.

Easy Online Referral System for patients

We make it very simple to refer your patients to Beginnings via our online GP portal.

Let us know of any important medical history or concerns, to ensure the best possible care of your patient during pregnancy. We also appreciate your advice regarding diet/lifestyle issues, and any pregnancy & birth preferences your patient may have discussed with you already.